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I am a lifelong cyclist, enjoying the aspects of both road and mountain bike culture. My entire adult life has been in bicycle retail. Beginning my career in 1974, I began as a bicycle mechanic, moved on to manage a high end shop, then opened and operated my own pro shop for over 25 years. Throughout this period I never lost interest in the mechanical development of cycling: I very much enjoy building wheels, complete frame builds, and restoring both mountain and road bikes.

BikeWorks in Sylvania, Ohio was my life for the past 28 years. The shop expanded and changed with the times from a small retail space to a larger location that made space for custom bike and fit studio, establishing BikeWorks as northwest Ohio’s premier bike shop.

Through the decades, I was witness to the monumental advancements in cycling technology that have revolutionized bikes and the way people ride them: new frame materials, electronic shifters, disc brakes, and carbon fiber advancements to name a few. 

Through these same decades, I was at the forefront of fit training and technology: FitKit, Pro Bike Fit, Trek School of Fitting, Paul Swift and since 2009, 3­D Motion Capture by Retul. It is with the advancement of fit technology that my career has taken shape from a retail store owner to a custom bike and fit expert. 

Having the knowledge, expertise and tools to connect a customer to a one of a kind custom bike has been the most satisfying aspect of my years in the bicycle world. 

My collection of personal bikes ranges from restored vintage race bikes to cutting edge road and mountain bikes, custom road, mountain and randonneur bikes and tandems. My enthusiasm as a cyclist, collector and purveyor of fine cycling products has only grown over the years and continues to fuel my passion as a business owner. It is with great excitement that I bring my experience to Asheville, North Carolina as Tangent Cycles.



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