I find satisfaction in helping a cyclist with their position. My interest in bicycle fitting began in the early eighties when I purchased the FitKit from Bill Farrell with the New England Cycling Academy. Over the years I have purchased several fitting systems, have attended many fitting clinics/seminars/camps and this investment has increased my knowledge to further my value to the customer.

The largest impact in the world of fitting has been 3­D motion capture. This allows a fitter to use measurements of the rider while they are riding – thus it is dynamic.  All other static fit methods require that the rider has to stop riding for the fitter to measure or make adjustments.  In 2009 I purchased the Retül 3­D motion capture system and quantum leaps were made in accuracy of measurements. This technology also allowed me to submit more accurate information to a custom frame builder for a more accurately made frame based on better information.

Retül, a state­of­the­art 3­D motion capture system designed specifically for collecting the most accurate and realistic data, allows us to make recommendations to adjust your bicycle for ultimate comfort and to maximize power. If a rider is already riding a precisely fit bike, we can use the Retül Zin tool to capture the exact measurements of an existing fit. We may then use the information gathered via Retül with BikeCAD, a program designed for the custom frame builder and fit specialists.

With a confirmed fit, a balanced custom frame will be designed for the rider, with proper stem length, appropriate seatpost exposure and a saddle centered on the rails ­ something very difficult to achieve with a stock bike. 

The combination of data provided by Retül and BikeCAD allow us and the frame builder to compare data and build a perfect bike without any further need of the rider being present.

Retül Standard Fit $275

This two hour fit can be done on your existing bike or on the Retul Muve.

Retül Fütbed $150

Tangent Cycles is a one person bicycle studio.  Through an appointment you will receive my full attention.