What is custom?

The first question you may have about custom bikes is simply what is a custom bike? The answer to this would vary depend on with whom you are speaking. In essence, a custom bike is one that is built with full control, from the frame up, with only one rider in mind. Every decision when building a custom bike is made to meet the needs of one person. These decisions revolve around aspects such as the frame material, geometry, ride characteristics, functional and aesthetic features, paint options and accessory choices.


There are many items that are created from the ground up such as a tailored suit or a house – each of these begin with a thought, a plan, and a professional design.  If all goes well the finished product will be exactly what was planned. 

A custom bicycle follows this same process: there is dialogue that focuses on specific needs of the rider, a fitting determines the rider’s optimum position, a list of components is selected to meet the rider’s criteria, a wheel set will be selected that will compliment the rider’s strength and performance needs, and of course a frame will meet the riders vision aesthetically and most importantly deliver a world class ride.



Kent Eriksen Cycles:

Kent Eriksen blazed the trail in the world of titanium frames.  Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, he is widely known as the founder of Moots. With his own company, Eriksen Cycles, he now produces less than 250 frames annually.  The small team of Eriksen Cycles handles each frame with skill, care and genuine passion.  Eriksen frames are at a level few can match. I am very fortunate to offer Kent's frames and of more value is the opportunity for me to have a working relationship with some of the smartest people in the industry. 

Parlee Cycles:

Parlee Cycles offers some of the world's top technologies in handmade carbon fiber products. Bob Parlee's facility in Beverly, Massachusetts is an unassuming older brick building, however inside is a world of cutting edge product development. Parlee continues to set themselves apart in the world of carbon fiber by producing their own tubing in house, allowing further options for customizing the frame. Parlee Cycles allows me to work with a company that from the top to bottom are driven by a genuine pride, ­knowing that it takes a lot of time and effort to remain one of the world’s top carbon fiber frames.

Nobilette Cycles:

Mark Nobilette began building custom steel frames in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the 70's. Mark has spent his entire career building custom steel frames – he is located in Longmont, Colorado. I grew up just outside Ann Arbor, knowing Mark for most of his career and selling his frames for 30+ years.  Mark has a strong reputation in the frame building world as many builders admire his clean lines and flawless machining.